Portfolio OGURA Koshiro

Recycle boat house

Program _Bachelor course studio (Guest Prof. Hiroshi Nakamura)
Location _Kamikatsu (Tokushima pref.)
Duration _2months


プログラム _設計製図第4(出題者:中村拓志)
敷地 _上勝町(徳島県)
製作期間 _2ヶ月

Kamikatsu is located in the countryside of Japan, it was the first municipality in Japan to adopt a Zero Waste policy. 81% of garbage in the town was recycled in 2016. This project is a renovation of Zero Waste Center which is established for collecting garbage and giving it to recycling companies, using garbage as materials of the building.


First of all, we should select a garbage (waste material), understand its size, weight and strength well, and design a recycling center with it. I selected a garbage of “boat” for this project. 134 thousand of boats are dumped illegally in Japan. Most of these waste boats are made out of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics). But recycling FRP boat is not popular yet.


Boats tilt following the degree of the slope of a stern.
Because the side of a boat is curved, there is a gap between each boats. Glass roof and parapet cap cover these gap. And soil and plants set into boats to produce an insulation effect.

FRP 船の耐水性能に着目し、屋根として使うことを考えた。船尾の勾配にしたがって配置した船を2艘1組で並べていき、並んだ船同士を通常のパラペットのように納めるディテールを考案した。船には軽量土壌を詰め、緑化屋根とすることで断熱性能を確保しながら、隙間に架けたガラス屋根が室内に光を導く。

Before a boat is set on a wooden frame, a member supporting rafter is attached to the boats with bolts. Parts of handrail of a boat which have strength because of its cylindrical shape are joined with bolts.