Portfolio OGURA Koshiro


Program _Graduate course studio (Joint workshop with South-east Univ.)
Location _TokyoTech (Tokyo)
Duration _1month
_Group work with structure engineer form ECADI

プログラム _構造デザインスタジオ(東南大ジョイントワークショップ)
敷地 _東京工業大学本館中庭
製作期間 _1ヶ月

The task of this studio was to design a big-roof structure for the courtyard of the main bldg. of TokyoTech. We proposed two arches to connect exsisting buildings and to support the roof covering the entire courtyard. This connecting bridge and roof structure connects the buildings, ground and people.


The shape of the big roof follows the flows of people from ground floor toward the terrace. To keep the symbolic clocktower as a landmark of the site we choose the glass as the center parts of the roofs. All the center of this part, there is a staircase upto the bridge. We design the flow of people and power in the same time to make a space.