Portfolio OGURA Koshiro

3-Dimensional gardens

Program _Bachelor course studio (Guest Prof. Yoko Kinoshita)
Location _Chitose-karasuyama (Tokyo)
Duration _ 2month


プログラム _設計製図第4(出題者:木下庸子)
敷地 _千歳烏山(東京都)
製作期間 _2ヶ月

Kunio MAEKAWA, one of the most famous Japanese modernism architect, designed a prototype of  public housing, called Maekawa Terrace House. Maekawa Terrace House had a garden for each unit of housing which is almost same area as house itself. This garden made the housing to keep good community, and that was a good example of public housing.


I take a garden for each unit as theme of this project built in the same site.
A garden of Maekawa Terrace House was a private area for each unit, and all gardens are contiguous as units of housing. Every unit shared walls with its neighbour just like a townhouse.

So I propose 3-dimensional garden housing, because housing needs more floor area than before.