OGURA Koshiro

OGURA Koshiro

OGURA Koshiro is a doctoral candidate majoring in architectural design and theory at TokyoTech, where he joins in OKUYAMA Shin-ichi Lab. in 2018. He has been responsible for many design practices and studies in OKUYAMA Lab., including the relocation project of Umbrella House designed by SHINOHARA Kazuo. His research topic is Architects' drawings, especially taking Shinohara's publication drawings as a research target.


2021~: Doctoral course, Department of Architecture and Building Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology.
2021 : MEng. Arch., Tokyo Institute of Technology.
2019 : BEng. Arch., Toyko Institute of Technology.
2015 : Graduated from Asano junior & senior high school


The 21th Touka award, Toukakai (alumni association of the Department of Architecture, TokyoTech), 2022
O-okayama Architectural Prize (Silver), diploma project, 2018 (second prize in school)
Hideyuki NAKAYAMA award, 3 universities diploma design review 2018
Tsuyoshi TANE award, 28th JIA Tokyo competition of graduateing students' work


Oct. 2021~ Sep. 2024 : Tokyo Institute of Technology SPRING Scholarship Awardee
Apr. 2023~ Aug. 2023 : The Maeda Engineering Foundation, Special Grant (theme B) "Research on International Evaluation of Kazuo Shinohara from through Media"

_academic experience

Academic Guest, the Chair of Architectural Theory, Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta), ETH Zurich, 2022~2023.
Tokyo Institute of Technology, teaching assistant, Descriptive Geometry for Space Design 1, 2022.
Tokyo Institute of Technology, teaching assistant, Architectural design studio: I (graduate course studio), specially appointed associate prof. Kentaro ISHIDA, 2022
Tokyo Institute of Technology, teaching assistant, Junior Studio work III (undergraduate design studio), prof. Shin-ichi OKUYAMA, 2019

小倉 宏志郎



2015/03 : 浅野学園高等学校卒業
2019/03 : 東京工業大学工学部建築学科卒業
2021/09 : 東京工業大学環境・社会理工学院建築学系修士課程(建築学コース)修了
2021/09~: 東京工業大学環境・社会理工学院建築学系博士後期課程(建築学コース)
2022/09~2023/08: スイス連邦工科大学チューリッヒ校 建築歴史・理論研究所 客員研究員




2021/10~2024/09 : 東京工業大学 SPRINGスカラシップ研究学生
2023/04~2023/08 : 前田記念工学振興財団 特別研究テーマB「メディアを通じた篠原一男の海外評価に関する研究」